About Us


Here at Artistic K&B, we provide quality craftsmanship for all types of remodeling work for your kitchen and baths. Time tested materials that are not only stylish but also functional are at the core of what we offer to our happy customers.

From our conception we believed that offering a place of comfort, security, and good taste originates at the core of gathering around meals with friends and family everyday. Catering to a multitude of decoration and fabrication, we offer everything from traditional to modern styles for any type of home.

We design every kitchen and bathroom as if it were going to be in the homes of our friends and family.

We work with some of the best fabricators in our industry to offer refined materials. Taken from their raw forms our materials have passed every level of inspection to offer an consistent quality from the kitchen counter all the way down to the bathroom sink.

Our success is measured not only in the work that we do but the experience of our customers. We're committed to a offering a seamless relationship with our clients that would mirror that of long time friends. We hope to offer a helping hand every step of the way.